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Jul. 1st, 2014


Brief Meeting
Tag : Romance, Supernatural, Angst

The sky is not so coloring like afternoon, God sort of just coloring it with blue-white color, does not succeed in making such gloomy afternoon like afternoon in general. Half run steps that a few times splashing above the dull asphalt makes a plain atmosphere, which tends to be boring as these past three days. Dusts are almost invisible blowing dry to all directions that can be reached. Greetings are rarely, yet today people have no something to say enhancing faces to be more like grim face mode. At least it was felt by someone who started lifting her ass from park bench, which had been trying to enjoy a situation of students departure from campus buildings next to him before he rushed away to follow most of those steps.

With many lazy step, that someone slowly started to scratch the back of the head which has a short piece on the hair. Short as men in general, the only difference is more dense and black clean. He scratched lazily before he goes up to some small stairs and pushed enter the open door and join the people and chose a seat in the third to the right next to window. The enginees started to run, then he was taken away from campus buildings.

Whatever happens today, starting from waking to sleep, shower, breakfast, set off, buy supplies, talked a bit with people, pay attention to the front, open the book, flipping it, close the book, the class ended, traveling in the corridor, there is nothing special. He tried to remember perhaps there is a good part of the day, but he thought not. Sketch recollect the memory in his head into the rest of the remaining eraser’s dregs, and left biased images.

The view from outside the window is alike as his rigid today's image. Opaque dusk. Maybe a lot of people are expecting the actual color of the sky turned into, and now God gives orange color with a reddish hue to its foundation, make twilight into dusk. Unlike fake afternoon about 30 minutes ago. This may be the prayer of a person who was looking out the window, which involved sitting in the same seat next to someone near the window.

"Excuse me."

Someone sitting near the window stunned. He tried to look a little towards the left. A pair of eyes look out the window towards the sounds along with the sound of the horn on the street. He was not sure if someone next to him who spoke.

"Don’t you see it?", Someone said it again. Someone who is just to the left. This time he was sure that the woman next to him who speaks.

The woman looks baffling with what he gaze from the window out there. Someone who sits near the window looked confused. Like the look of a love triangle, he looked into her face, she looked towards the window. The third subject seems still absurd to be looking after something. For about 30 seconds last until someone finally realized at a bench across from her, looking outside the window.


A glass of black coffee was accidentally spilled from its glass and covers almost the entire sketch on a table in front of a tavern highway. The owner was surprised to see a common event, but it may be new in her life she saw with her own eyes. A collision, can quite open both eyes and a mouth in amazement at a glance. Gray smoke on-month race to race and wrestle the air like cummulos nimbuz clouds. The heat dancing away from the collision’s subject. Officers told the audience to get away, but none of them did. They are too eager to get closer in order to know what is causing all of this to happen. Some of them find the cause, and some of them are not particularly amenable to see the consequences.

Remaining nil. All gone. The last date that will be included in a letter. The death certificate. Not only that. The woman and one man who was sitting near the window in one of a collide bus, also put an end to their meetings. They never get married.

Story by: Kang Min Ah

Jongin close it.

He threw the book to all directions. Some paper loose from its binding. His body trembled violently. His eyes feel sore. His cheeks felt warm. His nose began to redden. Sobs heard about 2 seconds later. Tearing process is more painful than anything he had ever felt during life especially at his age now, 20th.

It's been 3 days Jongin not turn on the light in his room apartment. Only a small lamp made of glass, transparent plastic – has diameter about 20cm long and has a star motif inside, the white light is broken in the set to make it look like a galaxy in the sky when it lit.

He also did not come out since that day.

But Jongin should go on reading, this is the promise anyway. And also something that he must discover why.
So he took back what he had flung to the floor 10 minutes ago. He gathers and flatten the pages. He pulled back a black wooden bench and sat on its lap. He began to put his elbow on the table in front of the second and neatly spread sheet by sheet to be prepared according to its sequences.
Jongin even amending the binding. After that, he sighed in despair. He saw the cover for about million times already. He slept with it. But in those times, he already read only 1 story.
He flip the cover and start re-read it.

July 2014


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